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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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i would like to welcome back everyone for this planning commission hearing. we left on the calendar under formula retail in the upper market ncd proposed planning commission policy that would establish a methodology for determining the concentration of formula retail and set the appropriate level of concentration for formula retail in the upper market neighborhood nct and ncd. preliminary recommendation: adoption a b and c
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and 2009 -- for that hill in saint luke's campus general plan amendments. >> thank you. good afternoon commission. i'm joined by ken rich by the economic and force development. we are here for several months for discussions. these discussion resulted in a new project and term sheet for a revised development agreement both of which will be presented here today. before we get started i have an amendment specifically map one of the area plan. the version of your packet of 7.1 to 1. in today's hearing i'm going to present an
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overview of what has transpired last year of the overview revised project. i will summarize this action before you today. as you know this project was originally heard by this commission almost one year ago as indicated on the slide. your approvals were followed by months of discussion by the board of supervisors as well as negotiations for agreement. last night they denied the -- a revised d. a. including plan approvals for the summer boards recess. to take you back to an overview a development plan
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project includes 2 buildings. two at saint lukes and went at the cathedral and one at the daveey hill campus. at the campus, an acute 20 bed. larger than this previous proposal. the new hospital is existing west to the tower of the existing parking lot. the siting of the new hospital remains in business during construction. the existing hospital will be demolished once the new hospital is constructed. on the west side of van ness between gearey and post, c p and c constructions
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promotions 674 beds of a hospital. it is worth note that go cathedral hill hospital will accommodate the space for additional 330 beds. they will only add those beds if saint luke hospital reaches the range. this is a 3 story shorter and 351 bed fewer than the previous proposal. across the street, c p and c proposes a medical office building. these will be connect by an under ground tunnel. propose construction of a medical office building known as the neuro science institute. this
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slide summarizes the previous project as the compared revised project. you can see the new cathedral hill hospital reduces the number of beds and quantity of parking. saint luke's hospital is a 120 bedside. including the day via campus is 524 beds. at this point i would like to turn it over to ken rich who will provide an overview of the term sheet. >> good afternoon, commissioners, i'm really happy to be back in front of you for the second and hopefully final round of this project. as you know the previous proposed project and development agreement were heard by the land use committee in full board last year and the board members made it clear they were not ready to approve the
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development and after meetings were held attended by supervisor chiu, campos and ferrel and executives, gerardo own of the bakery mediated these sessions and did a fantastic job of keeping us on track. out of these sessions came out a physical project as was described and also to go along with it a new proposal development agreement. the xoidz -- keypoints are on the slide which makes it all beds in the city. a larger percentage than it was previously cpm c obligated to provide a level of charity care and with no financial conditions or projections. last time that was an issue. this time it was resolved and health
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transportation and affordable housing and pedestrian safety. you see in the agreement, it will be 10 bed general general -- acute hospital. the last time around it opened on the same day and now with construction schedules there will be a little bit of a lag. the term sheet will be clear and we have same liquidate damages that will kick in if it opens later. instead of the 80 bed saint luke's hospital. it will have the same required standards of excellence and services. in the same ways as before, cpm c will be object
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-- obligated within five years to offer the site for the city for the purpose of constructing such facility. like saint luke's the provision of baseline for the poor and under served. we think also a better way oh for defining this obligation. instead of using a certain amount and leading to financial performance we have negotiated a set number of patience which cpm c must care for every year. this has defined a number of patients cared for in the last three years and approximately 30,000 patients a year. cpm c is
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prepared to provide services and does not depend on any external circumstances. you will remember that in the last agreement cpm c was responsible for being the hospital partner for a number of new medi-cal beneficiaries. cpm c will provide medical services for people outpatient. it will be beneficiaries for 10 years at least which may come to provide services. like in the last agreement there is a foundation. cpm c will fund this with $9 million
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approximately. it's already been identified and although there will be additional funds available as well. in the health service system, the agreement includes protecting the city's health service system from increases by capping rates for ten years and limits premium increases for 5 persianly -- percent -- annually after that. moving off to health care items onto to affordable housing. the clear sheet includes 2 affordable housing payments. to compensate for 25 units that will be displaced. this is for the planning and codes. this will be paid at the time c p
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pulls the permit for demolition. and the mayor's office of housing affordable housing fund. the van ness special use district which causes housing to be a large part of projects being used. agreement includes 30 percent local higher for construction jobs, including 50 percent local higher for new apprentice position and entry level permanent jobs for ten years. that change is hard to notice here. i will note that in the last agreement, this is 45 jobs. this is now 40 percent of new entry level jobs for 10 years and $4 million for cpm c, the other work force provisions remain in the same as the previous agreement. on transportation we have three
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pot of funds which will depot to the use in improving transportation. this is in lieu of a fee instead of tidf, funding for brt facility and parking surcharge to be imposed in the cathedral hill garages. in addition there are new provisions in this term sheet regarding on going monitoring around all of c p mr. in short, cpm c is obligated to work with the city to monitor conditions to the campuses and over all congestion at cathedral hill. if these are found substandard, cpm c will address the conditions. and i will note that one of the measures here we are measuring against is a campus wide
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reduction goal of reduced single occupancy of 15 percent. lastly, cpm c will use a variety of outreach means at their disposal to encourage their employees to purchase a clipper card and will subsidize half of the cost of the card. in addition this cpm c le restrict access to the parking garage. the access will be restrict to only cpm c employees and not others. moving on to street escape and pedestrian safety. cpm c will pay the city for pedestrian walkway. $200,000 to fund a safe passage program and $1.5
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million for transit and joining the cathedral hill campus. in addition cpm c will pay $3 million to the city for increased enforcement and traffic safety improvement for the campus. the pacific campus will become an outpatient campus after the new hospital is built and california campus maybe taken out of service or may not be. continuing with saint luke's and day via. it's a specified program of i am improvements. instead of money, it's improvements. those list of valued and 3.million for saint luke's. it's the project, not the actual cash. looking at the payment schedule for the funds as you see up on
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your slide, the agreement also contains a payment schedule for the cash payments as noted on the slide about $7 million is payable as soon as the project is approved by the board and signed by the mayor. the remainder of the payments come over a period of 5 years. once the approvals are finally granted which means that any litigation that might occur is settled or dismissed or the period for filing passes or at such a time that cpm c begins construction at cathedral hill. as soon as they get through that litigation period or begin construction at cathedral hill then the $14 million segment comes in. the improvement at
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saint luke's and daveey and any funds that are payable due to traffic that show too high an amount of congestion that would be at the time of doing those studies. so, the process going forward if the commission approves today we'll go to the commission to come back to this commission on may 23rd for approval of the large packet of the development agreement and the other various things. that
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concludes my presentation. >> the action before the commission today is to initiate the general plan amendment of the revised project. you are not being asked today to take action on this. the amendment plans requirement as follows: the map 4 of urban maximum development. the height map is 88 feet for saint luke's campus. this is a proposed maximum height of 145 feet for the portion of the sight where the the hospital tour is located. the second is map 5 of the urban design development. currently both allowed in the accordance with this map by 125 feet for the campus. this would be amended to 229 feet by 285
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for the hospital and at the cathedral hill campus there are four general plan amendments. the first is the van ness area plan. the van ness area plan objectives and policy for a high density area. second is map 1 of the van ness area plan. the project would amend this map to designate the site for new medical office building for the van ness medical use. from 7.1 to 7.5 to 1. currently the project area is 30 v. the project would amend this map to include a terminance with the hospital side. lastly about five of the urban design elements. this map are 110 to
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140 feet and m v sight. this is 385 feet for the hospital site and 265 feet for the medical office building site. so the commission can hold a future hearing to consider action on these items. the department recommendation that you adopt the resolution and instruct the planning department to provide notice for a hearing to continue these items on may 23rd. that concludes our presentation an we are both available for questions. >> okay. opening up to public comment. steve nak go, sash a
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hong and derek. >> thank you. good afternoon. my name is steve nak go, director of cofounder of the senior center of japan town. we call it western addition fillmore. i'm here as the executive director of a non-profit community based located in japan town. i'm voicing my support of the california pacific medical center plan. i would like to highlight a point. we have a long history of working closely with providing case management services. patients returning home have received home meal deliver y. we deliver 180 meals
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a day. formerly we have worked with the transition care specialist are assigned to work with cpm c discharge managers to help patients transition to home. kimchi is 42 years old. we are celebrating our anniversary. cpm c is an important part of our community supporting the health needs of our seniors and families. i hope you will support efforts in advance for a serves -- service that is much needed. today i'm speaking at the director of kim che senior
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center. >> hello, i'm marlene morgan with health care jobs for justice. i was reflecting that the first time i spoke about this issue. we were being presented with 331, 620 bed hospital at the cathedral campus and eventually the closure of saint luke's hospital. all the care services in san francisco were going to be concentrate at cathedral hill and now it's an 8 year journey that we see the planning department environmentally alternative has been adopted by this project.
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we have a significantly smaller cathedral hill and environmentally cathedral hill campus and impact on the corridor and a sustainable campus in the mission district. so we are very pleased at this work and this outcome of this long negotiation and discussions. and the participation of the planning commission who has had to read all of these documents. thank you so much. one of the things that the coalition is interested in, we met with mr. rich on tuesday and hopefully with director ram soon sd idea of mechanism for on going community input into enforcing the terms of this agreement. we can see that a lot of these things click off over the years in terms of monitoring an overview. we believe there needs to be a mechanism for
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community groups to continue to have input into the process. cathedral neighbors on the coalition have been transportation. you can see there is a lot of elements around transportation in the term sheet, parking, transit passes, surveys of employees, overloading fines, support of transit systems. we want to make sure there is a community mechanism to monitor over this term. this is a long term process. it's going to affect transportation on the van ness and poke street corridors for many years. we would like to raise the issue that we are looking for a role in this. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners, i'm a law student from the economic development clinic unit. we have been providing council for the legal coalition for health and justice. i'm here to address how collateral agreements will strengthen the implement of the development agreement with cpm c. san francisco administrative code contemplates collateral agreements between government and coalitions. by the developer and/or other agencies and not limited to community coalitions to provide for and implement social and economic environmental benefits or programs. the development agreement with c p mr. m c in preventing it's community base terms for collateral
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agreements. advocating for the community benefits in the agreement. not only the community directly benefited from this project, the coalition continues to be committed that these fought for are carried out. because they have been so involved in the process of contributing to the terms, they are the best for the city when moving forward in the implementation terms. the gains for the city have been substantial in the negotiating process. it will come in the implementation of it's terms. the goal of the coalition and it's involvement in collateral agreements is to provide valuable assistance through the city throughout the development agreement. for example the community can have a role with compliance with local hire provision and to monitor the transportation issues as
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marlene just mentioned. san franciscans for health care justice provides a source of knowledge with the communities that will be most impacted with the cpm c project. collaboration with the city and the community as has been so well demonstrated. thank you. >> linda chapman. i will speak for knob hill neighbors because it was done for other members of our board and urban planners. it's the most brilliant plan and i'm so sorry to see the ways in which it's being breached. heaven knows it's the alternative for greatly reducing the number of beds here. why is it still
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double the side of the height limit. why does that have to be? there was a land form and consistent and not overwhelming the historic buildings. why are we putting a tunnel under there when it objected long-term for a subway. are we going to build the tunnel deeper. if they didn't want to locate there they didn't have to do it. since they did do it, they can walk across the street like all of us. the parking is good, but it's still too many. previously it was 405 spaces at that site plus the ones in the sutter street building which is part of that here. they need to
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reduce that more. david chiu the other night said it would allow to be reduced. in the c s f n, we used to say if you were building garages it was a good thing to build garages. if you build them, it will come. all of the traffic will increase, actually the garages in the van ness area are under parked. this is the same kind of thing that knob hill neighbors did years ago that we didn't need a lot of additional parking. if you put it there more people would be encouraged to drive there. there is a concern that i have, david chiu said they were planning to fund c bd for lower polk area. that means you are funding bar owners as far as i can see. it was also checked by robert garcia when a cbd was proposed and


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